A model for interstitial collagen catabolism by mammalian collagenases.

  title={A model for interstitial collagen catabolism by mammalian collagenases.},
  author={Gregg B Fields},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={153 4},
Mammalian collagenases cleave all three alpha chains of native, triple-helical types I, II, and III collagens after the Gly residue of the partial sequence Gly-[Ile or Leu]-[Ala or Leu] at a single locus approximately three-fourths from the amino terminus. There are an additional 31 sites in the triple-helical regions of types I, II, III, and IV collagens that contain the same partial sequence but are not hydrolyzed. A model has been developed to explain this remarkable specificity. The… CONTINUE READING

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