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A model-based approach to construction of integrated internet CSCW systems

  title={A model-based approach to construction of integrated internet CSCW systems},
  author={M. A. Swaby},
Internet technologies provide ubiquitous infrastructure for Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) applications, many of which share similar fundamental requirements for coordination, collaboration and information management services. However, there is a lack of structured architectural support for building and maintaining these systems. This thesis is directed towards an investigation of development mechanisms for integrated internet CSCW applications which promote reuse and rapid… 

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This paper proposes an approach to construction of collaborative systems in which a model is used to describe user interaction with core services within an application context, which drives a run-time enactment service which provides integrated access to required services through appropriate user interfaces.

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This thesis presents the overall Model-driven Reuse Architecture and preliminary implementation that has been developed to support the specific needs of teaching and learning in higher education, and evaluates the resulting web-base implementation, MRA-HE, in terms of how it performs against a set of realistic scenarios within the domain of higher education.

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The components of a CSCW environment are introduced and a possible architecture for the realisation of the environment model is presented and its implication for distributed systems is introduced.

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From contemporary workflow process automation to adaptive and dynamic work activity coordination and collaboration

  • A. Sheth
  • Computer Science
    Database and Expert Systems Applications. 8th International Conference, DEXA '97. Proceedings
  • 1997
A WCCS can then not only support automation of the routine and well defined processes, but also support better human involvement and manage more complex, dynamic, and higher value mission critical processes.

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CERC's Web* (pronounced "WebStar") software, currently released into the public domain, can be used to integrate multiple information sources and allows the exploitation of the World-Wide Web and the CORBA environment.

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The InfoSleuth project will investigate the use of Carnot technology in a more dynamically changing environment, such as the Internet, where new information sources are constantly being added and for which there is no formal control of the registration ofnew information sources.

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This report documents the work in Strand 1 of the COMIC project concerning the nature and support of what has been termed “organizational context” in CSCW systems. The report provides a variety of

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