A minimum-mass extrasolar nebula

  title={A minimum-mass extrasolar nebula},
  author={Marc J. Kuchner},
By analogy with the minimum-mass solar nebula, we construct a surface-density profile using the orbits of the 26 precise-Doppler planets found in multiple-planet systems: ! 1⁄4 2200 (a=1 AU)"! g cm"2, where a is the circumstellar radius and ! 1⁄4 2:0 # 0:5. The minimum-mass solar nebula (! 1⁄41:5) is consistent with this model, but the uniform-" accretion disk model (! $1) is not. In a nebula with ! > 2, the center of the disk is the likely cradle of planet formation. Subject headingg s… CONTINUE READING