A minimal hyperbolic system for unstable shock waves

  title={A minimal hyperbolic system for unstable shock waves},
  author={Dmitry Kabanov and Aslan R. Kasimov},
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Derivatives on the downstream side of a moving, curved shock

  • G. Emanuel
  • Physics
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Novel relations are developed for the tangential and normal derivatives of the pressure, density, and velocity components just downstream of a regular point on a curved shock wave. The perfect gas

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In the present work, using a high-resolution three-dimensional numerical analysis, the initiation and propagation mechanism of a detonation wave is studied in a circular tube with a hot jet



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Nonlinear Dynamics of Shock and Detonation Waves in Gases

ABSTRACT A review of analytical studies for the formation of triple points on shock fronts and for the cellular structures of gaseous detonations is presented. The analyses concern two opposite

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To understand the nonlinear dynamical behaviour of a one-dimensional pulsating detonation, results obtained from numerical simulations of the Euler equations with simple one-step Arrhenius kinetics

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We propose a theory of weakly nonlinear multidimensional self-sustained detonations based on asymptotic analysis of the reactive compressible Navier–Stokes equations. We show that these equations can

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We describe recent analytical and numerical results on stability and behavior of viscous and inviscid detonation waves obtained by dynamical systems/Evans function techniques like those used to study

Mode selection in weakly unstable two-dimensional detonations

A formulation of the reactive Euler equations in the shock-attached frame is used to study the two-dimensional instability of weakly unstable detonation through direct numerical simulation. The

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The authors develop a simplified asymptotic model for studying nonlinear detonation waves in chemically reacting fluids which propagate with wave speed close to the acoustical sound speed. In this

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Theory of Detonation with an Embedded Sonic Locus

This work addresses the problem of generalizing sonic conditions for a three-dimensional unsteady self-sustained detonation wave by proposing to be the characteristic compatibility conditions on the exceptional surface of the governing hyperbolic system of reactive Euler equations.