A mini-landscape of exact MSSM spectra in heterotic orbifolds

  title={A mini-landscape of exact MSSM spectra in heterotic orbifolds},
  author={Oleg Lebedev and H. P. Nilles and Stuart Raby and S. Ramos-S{\'a}nchez and Michael Ratz and Patrick K. S. Vaudrevange and A. Wingerter},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Non-Abelian orbifold compactifications of the heterotic string

A bstractI consider the construction of heterotic orbifold models based on a toroidal orbifold with non-Abelian point group. I construct an explicit model based on the point group S3 and calculate

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The compactification of the heterotic string on six-dimensional orbifolds is reviewed. Some important technical aspects of their construction are clarified and new parameters, called generalized

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We revisit the issue of moduli stabilization in a class of = 1 four dimensional supergravity theories which are low energy descriptions of standard perturbative heterotic string vacua compactified on

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We provide a simple example of dilaton stabilization in the framework of heterotic string theory. It requires a gaugino condensate and an uplifting sector similar to the one postulated in type IIB

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In this talk we review recent investigations [1] of the non-supersymmetric heterotic SO(16)×SO(16) string on orbifolds and smooth Calabi-Yaus. Using such supersymmetry preserving backgrounds allows

Mapping an island in the landscape

We provide a complete classification and statistical analysis of all type IIA orientifold compactifications with intersecting D6-branes on the orbifold T /Z6. The total number of four dimensional N=1

Kinetic mixing of U(1)s in heterotic orbifolds

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Heterotic brane world

Orbifold compactification of heterotic E{sub 8}xE{sub 8}{sup '} string theory is a source for promising grand unified model building. It can accommodate the successful aspects of grand unification

Completion of standard-like embeddings

Abstract Inequivalent standard-like observable sector embeddings in Z 3 orbifolds with two discrete Wilson lines, as determined by Casas, Mondragon, and Munoz, are completed by examining all possible

Supersymmetric standard model from the heterotic string.

A orbifold compactification of the E8xE8 heterotic string which leads to the (supersymmetric) standard model gauge group and matter content and the model is consistent with gauge coupling unification.