A mild and efficient one-pot synthesis of 2-dihydroimidazoles from aldehydes

  title={A mild and efficient one-pot synthesis of 2-dihydroimidazoles from aldehydes},
  author={Hiromichi Fujioka and Kenichi Murai and Yusuke Ohba and Atsushi Hiramatsu and Yasuyuki Kita},
  journal={Tetrahedron Letters},
Abstract The reactions of various aldehydes and 1,2-diamines followed by NXS treatment proceed at 0 °C–rt to give the corresponding dihydroimidazoles in high yields. The reaction is mild, and many functional groups such as halogens, nitriles, and esters can exist. 
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A Mild and Efficient One‐Pot Synthesis of 2‐Dihydroimidazoles from Aldehydes.
Abstract The reactions of various aldehydes and 1,2-diamines followed by NXS treatment proceed at 0 °C–rt to give the corresponding dihydroimidazoles in high yields. The reaction is mild, and manyExpand
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One-pot synthesis of imidazolines from aldehydes: detailed study about solvents and substrates
Abstract Imidazolines were prepared in one-pot operation from aldehydes and diamines through oxidation of aminal intermediates by NBS. This method could be applied to various aromatic and aliphaticExpand
[Development and application of practical synthetic methods of imidazolines].
  • Kenichi Murai
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  • 2010
The first method to prepare imidazolines from aldehydes and 1,2-diamines by condensation and successive oxidation using NBS in one-pot operation is described. Expand
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An efficient synthesis of 2-arylimidazoles by oxidation of 2-arylimidazolines using activated carbon–O2 system and its application to palladium-catalyzed Mizoroki–Heck reaction
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Oxidative decarboxylative synthesis of 2-H-imidazolines from glyoxylic acid and 1,2-diamines.
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Stereoselective Synthesis of Quaternary Benzylic Carbons Using C2 Symmetric Imidazolines and Tetrahydrofuran as Electrophile
Alkylative ring opening of tetrahydrofuran in the presence of 9-BBN triflate is studied. Dianions derived from C2 symmetric imidazolines induce excellent to modest acyclic diastereoselectivity toExpand
Thiamine coenzyme models: Imidazolinium ylides and the reactions of 2-(hydroxyalkyl)imidazolines
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Chiral pyridylimidazolines: synthesis, arene ruthenium complexes and application in asymmetric catalysis
Condensation of (1S,2S)-1,2-diphenylethylenediamine and 2-cyanopyridine gives the chiral pyridylimidazoline (L1), deprotonation followed by treatment with methyl iodide gives an NMe derivative (L2).Expand
Highly efficient enantiospecific synthesis of imidazoline-containing amino acids using bis(triphenyl)oxodiphosphonium trifluoromethanesulfonate.
A highly efficient enantiospecific synthesis of imidazoline-based amino acids is reported from dipeptides composed of a C-terminal beta-amino-alpha-amino acid residue using bis(triphenyl)Expand
Asymmetrische katalysen: XLVI. Enantioselektive Hydrosilylierung von Ketonen mit [Rh(COD)Cl]2 und optisch aktiven Stickstoff-Liganden
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