A mild, efficient method for the oxidation of α-diazo-β-hydroxyesters to α-diazo-β-ketoesters

  title={A mild, efficient method for the oxidation of $\alpha$-diazo-$\beta$-hydroxyesters to $\alpha$-diazo-$\beta$-ketoesters},
  author={Puhui Li and Max M Majireck and Ilia Korboukh and Steven M Weinreb},
  journal={Tetrahedron Letters},
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Synthesis of α-diazo-β-keto esters, phosphonates and sulfones via acylbenzotriazole-mediated acylation of a diazomethyl anion.
We report a method for the synthesis of α-diazo-β-keto esters, phosphonates and sulfones via acylation of corresponding diazomethyl anions with N-acylbenzotriazoles. The N-o-amino-acylbenzotriazoles
Dess‐Martin Periodinane
This article has no abstract. Keywords: alcohol oxidation; deoximation; heterocycle formation; oxidation; oxidation; dethioacetalization; oxidation; oxidation; Baylis-Hillman reaction;
Stereoselective Bioreduction of α-diazo-β-keto Esters
The syntheses of prochiral α-diazo-β-keto esters bearing different substitution patterns at the adjacent position of the ketone group were carried out to give the expected chiral alcohols with almost the same activity and selectivity values observed in the enzyme screening experiments.
Solvent free selective oxidation of alcohols catalyzed by a trinuclear complex with a dicopper(II)–monozinc(II) centre using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant
The oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds was investigated by an efficient catalytic system comprising of a new heterotrinuclear complex containing a dicopper(II)–monozinc(II) centre,
New syntheses of diazo compounds.
  • G. Maas
  • Chemistry
    Angewandte Chemie
  • 2009
Diazo compounds (R1R2C=N2) are known as versatile and useful substrates for an array of chemical transformations and, therefore, diazo chemistry is still far from losing anything of its long-standing
Modern Organic Synthesis with α-Diazocarbonyl Compounds.
This work aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, which aims to provide real-time information about the physical properties of EMTs and their applications in the context of drug discovery and development.
Construction of two vicinal quaternary carbons by asymmetric allylic alkylation: total synthesis of hyperolactone C and (-)-biyouyanagin A.
A novel synthetic strategy which features the use of Pd-AAA to construct the key vicinal quaternary carbon stereocenters is devised, which is envisioned that if nucleophilic b-ketoester 5 and electrophilic allylic donor isoprene monoepoxide 6 could be installed.
Neues zur Synthese von Diazoverbindungen
Aufgrund der vielseitigen und nutzlichen Folgechemie von Diazoverbindungen (R1R2CN2) ist das Interesse an dieser Substanzklasse seit Jahren ungebrochen. Dabei wird auch das bereits vorhandene
Oxidations and Reductions
  • Applied Organic Chemistry
  • 2020


Readily accessible 12-I-5 oxidant for the conversion of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones
Conversion de cyclohexanol, octanol, alcool benzylique et des alcools dimethoxy- et trimethoxy benzyliques par oxydation avec le triacetoxy-1,1,1 benzoiodoxole-1,2 one-3
Selectivity in the cycloadditions of carbonyl ylides with glyoxylates: an approach to the zaragozic acids—squalestatins
Reaction of diazodiketoester 8 with glyoxylates in the presence of catalytic rhodium(II) acetate generates 6,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane skeleton 26 of the zaragozic acids—squalestatins in good yield.
Synthesis of Functionalized Azomethine Ylides via the Rh(II)-Catalyzed Cyclization of .alpha.-Diazo Carbonyls onto Imino .pi.-Bonds
α-Diazo carbonyl compounds containing an imino group in the γ-position have been found to undergo a rhodium(II) acetate induced cyclization reaction to generate cyclic azomethine ylides. The reactive
Direct, regiospecific 2-lithiation of pyridines and pyridine 1-oxides with in situ electrophilic trapping
La lithiation est faite en presence de perfluoroacetone ou de SiClMe 3 : obtention de pyridines et de leur N-oxydes substitues en 2 ou disubstitues en 2,6