A microsatellite genetic linkage map of human chromosome 18.

  title={A microsatellite genetic linkage map of human chromosome 18.},
  author={Richard E Straub and Marcy C. Speer and Ying Luo and Ken Rojas and Joan Overhauser and J{\"u}rg Ott and Thomas Conrad Gilliam},
  volume={15 1},
We isolated nine new microsatellite markers from chromosome 18 and further characterized and mapped eight microsatellites developed in other laboratories. We have constructed a framework linkage map of chromosome 18 that includes 14 microsatellite markers (12 dinucleotide and 2 tetranucleotide) and 2 RFLP markers. Cytogenetic localization for the microsatellites was performed by PCR amplification of 18 somatic cell hybrids containing different deletions of chromosome 18. Twelve of the… CONTINUE READING


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