A methodology for workload characterization of E-commerce sites

  title={A methodology for workload characterization of E-commerce sites},
  author={D. Menasc{\'e} and Virg{\'i}lio A. F. Almeida and Rodrigo Fonseca and Marco A. Mendes},
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Performance analysis and capacity planning for e-commerce sites poses an interesting problem: how to best characterize the workload of these sites. [...] Key Method First, we introduce a state transition graph called Customer Behavior Model Graph (CBMG), that is used to describe the behavior of groups of customers who exhibit similar navigational patterns. A set of useful metrics, analytically derived from the analysis of the CBMG, is presented.Expand
Performance and Availability Analysis of an E-Commerce Site
  • S. Gokhale, J. Lu
  • Computer Science
  • 30th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'06)
  • 2006
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