A method for realizing reversible integer type-IV discrete cosine transform (IntDCT-IV)

  title={A method for realizing reversible integer type-IV discrete cosine transform (IntDCT-IV)},
  author={Haibin Huang and Xiao Lin and Susanto Rahardja and Rongshan Yu},
  journal={Proceedings 7th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2004. Proceedings. ICSP '04. 2004.},
  pages={101-104 vol.1}
Integer transform plays important role in signal lossless compression. In order to achieve high accuracy to its corresponding real value transform, the rounding number should be as low as possible. In this paper, we propose a new method for realizing the reversible integer discrete cosine transform type IV (DCT-IV), The proposed method exhibits low rounding number (1.5 N), low complexity O(Nlog/sub 2/N) and is the most accurate to its counterpart floating point DCT-IV transformation when the… CONTINUE READING


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