A method for prolonged imaging of motile lymphocytes.

  title={A method for prolonged imaging of motile lymphocytes.},
  author={Daniel Day and Kim Pham and Mandy J. Ludford-Menting and Jane Oliaro and David J. Izon and Sarah M. Russell and Min Gu},
  journal={Immunology and cell biology},
  volume={87 2},
With new imaging technologies and fluorescent probes, live imaging of cells in vitro has revolutionized many aspects of cell biology. A key goal now is to develop systems to optimize in vitro imaging, which do not compromise the physiological relevance of the study. We have developed a methodology that contains non-adherent cells within the field of view. 'Cell paddocks' are created by generating an array of microgrids using polydimethylsiloxane. Each microgrid is up to 250 x 250 microm(2) with… CONTINUE READING