A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems

  title={A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems},
  author={R. Rivest and A. Shamir and L. Adleman},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • R. Rivest, A. Shamir, L. Adleman
  • Published 1978
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
  • An encryption method is presented with the novel property that publicly revealing an encryption key does not thereby reveal the corresponding decryption key. This has two important consequences: (1) Couriers or other secure means are not needed to transmit keys, since a message can be enciphered using an encryption key publicly revealed by the intented recipient. Only he can decipher the message, since only he knows the corresponding decryption key. (2) A message can be “signed” using a… CONTINUE READING
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