A method for drying red blood cells for solid-phase immunoassay.

  title={A method for drying red blood cells for solid-phase immunoassay.},
  author={Toru Tamai and Toshio Mazda},
  journal={Transfusion medicine},
  volume={9 4},
To develop a simpler and quicker alloantibody screening method, red cell stroma were bound and dried to microplate wells for use in magnetic-mixed passive haemagglutination (M-MPHA) tests. In the procedure of drying stroma, the Triton X-100-based haemolysing method gave lowest denaturation of red blood cells, and this method gave increased reactivity to Kidd and Rh antigens and clinically significant antibodies were detected as well as with the M-MPHA test. But long incubation with Triton X-100… CONTINUE READING

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