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A metazoan parasitological research of some Iraqi amphibians.

  title={A metazoan parasitological research of some Iraqi amphibians.},
  author={Isam S. Saeed and Shlemon E Al-Barwari and Kawther Ibrahim Fatah Al-Harmni},
  journal={Turkiye parazitolojii dergisi},
  volume={31 4},
The incidence and intensity of metazoan parasites in 3 species of Iraqi amphibians were studied. The amphibians were Rana ridibunda, Bufo viridis and Hyla arborea. Twenty-four species of helminths were encountered, including 16 trematodes, 1 cestode and 7 nematodes. Their respective names are: Polystoma integerrimum, Prosotocus confusus, P. fuelleborni, Pleurogenoides gastroporus, P. medians, Sonsinotrema tacapense, Opisthioglyphe ranae, Haplometra cylindracea, Haematoloechus volgensis, H… 

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On the helminth fauna of some Iraqi reptiles.

A study on the parasitofauna of 7 species of Iraqi reptiles revealed the presence of at least 8 adult helminth species and some tentatively identified larvae, and the rest of the parasite species represents a new addition to the Iraq list.

Helminths of The Eurasian Marsh Frog, Pelophylax Ridibundus (Pallas, 1771) (Anura: Ranidae), from the Shiraz Region, Southwestern Iran

The adults with the highest prevalence are the digenean Halipegus alhaussaini, and the nematode Cosmocerca ornata (34% in both cases).

Metazoan parasitological research on three species of anurans collected from Çanakkale Province, Northwestern Turkey

The helminth fauna of European common toad, European green toad and marsh frog were collected in Canakkale Province (northwestern Turkey) between 2000 and 2003 and examined for helminths.

Helminth fauna of the Eurasian marsh frog, Pelophylax ridibundus (Pallas, 1771) (Anura: Ranidae), collected from Denizli Province, Inner-West Anatolia Region, Turkey

Eurasian marsh frogs, Pelophylax ridibundus, represents a host record for Nematotaenia dispar in Turkey and also harbored eight species of digeneans and six species of nematodes.

Helminth parasites of the Balkan green lizard, Lacerta trilineata Bedriaga 1886, from Bursa, Turkey

Lacerta trilineata represents a new host record for each of the parasite species; Plagiorchis elegans, Brachylaemus sp.

Taxonomic revision of species of Haematoloechus Looss, 1899 (Digenea: Plagiorchioidea), with molecular phylogenetic analysis and the description of three new species from Mexico.

The host records for species of Haematoloechus, together with the phylogenetic hypothesis of the genus, suggest that this host-parasite association predates the ranid diversification in the Cretaceous.

The helminth parasites of the two bufonid toads, European Common Toad, Bufo bufo (Linnaeus, 1758) and European Green toad, Bufo (Pseudepidalea) viridis Laurenti, 1768 (Anura: Bufonidae), collected from Denizli Province, Inner-West Anatolia Region, Turkey

Two bufonid toad species (Bufo bufo and Bufo (Pseudepidalea) viridis) were collected in Denizli province Turkey between 2006 and 2009 and examined first time for helminths.

Comunidad de Helmintos Parásitos del Sapo Espinoso Rhinella spinulosa (Wiegmann, 1834) (Anura: Bufonidae) de Perú

The aim of this study was to evaluate the community of metazoan parasites of thorny toad Rhinella spinulosa of Peru and elucidate whether sex and the total length of the hosts amphibians are


Examination of intestine of 25 marsh frogs collected in Al-Diwaniya city, middle of Iraq during the period from September to November 2014 revealed the presence of Nematotaenia dispar,Cosmocerca commutata and Cosmocercoides variabilis (Nematoda).



Platyhelminth Parasites of Some Amphibians in Jordan

Of the six helminth parasite species, Polystoma integerrimum had the highest prevalence in B. viridis and in R. bedriagae, Pleurogenoides tacapensis had thehighest prevalence.

Helminths of the Marsh Frog, Rana ridibunda Pallas, 1771 (Anura: Ranidae), from Antalya Province, Southwestern Turkey

Abstract Marsh frogs (Rana ridibunda) were collected in Antalya province, southwestern Turkey, during 2001 and 2002 and examined for helminths. Of 258 frogs, 235 (91.1%) were infected with 1 or more

Helminth Parasites of the Caucasian Salamander, Mertensiella caucasica, from Turkey

Seventy-two Caucasian salamanders collected from 5 localities in Turkey between 1995 and 2001 and examined for helminths were examined and one new host record and 6 new locality records are reported.

A taxonomic revision of the Nematotaeniidae Lühe, 1910 (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea)

A taxonomic revision of the Nematotaeniidae, involving the examination of over 400 specimens, was undertaken. Some new taxonomic characters have been introduced to allow distinction of the various

Reseaches on Parasitic Helminths of Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768 (Anura; Amphibia)

It has been investigated 119 night frog (58 males, 61 females) Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768 collected from Bursa and Buyukdolluk Marsh place in Edirne between March 1993 and June 1995 and all the parasitic species found on the Bufe viridis have been recorded for the first time.

[Helminth parasites of Hyla arborea (Linneaus, 1758) (tree frog) collected from Bursa, Edirne and Sakarya].

Twenty-seven tree frogs (Hyla arborea ) were collected from 3 different regions of Turkey from 1995-2000 in order to detect helminths . As a result of our survey, 1 Monogenea species and 2 Nematoda

[Metazoon parasites of the marsh frog (Rana ridibunda PALLAS 1771; Anura) collected from the different regions in Turkey.].

16 species of metazoan parasites were found in marsh frogs collected during the period from 1998 to 2004 from 4 different regions of Turkey and variable extended localities, and this is the first time that Rana ridibunda has been reported in Turkey.

The Effect of the Ecology of Toads on the Distribution of Helminths

The highest diversity of helminths was recorded in toads in the newly-built districts of Tashkent (1966-76) and the helminth fauna of the toads inhabiting foothills was less common.

Cestodes Nematotaeniidae de Bufonidae (Amphibiens) de Tunisie. Description deNematotaenia viride n. sp.

Two species of nematotaeniid cestodes from Tunisian Bufonidae are described and the specificity of these threeNematotaenia spp.

Polystoma macrocnemis n. sp. (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) from the Iranian longlegged wood frog Rana macrocnemis (Ranidae) in Turkey

A new polystomatidae species is described from the urinary bladder of Rana macrocnemis in Turkey, distinguished from closely related species by numerical parameters of the hamuli and also by its host species and geographical range.