A metallic impregnation method for the demonstration of cerebral vascular patterns

  title={A metallic impregnation method for the demonstration of cerebral vascular patterns},
  author={T. Hasegawa and J. Ravens},
  journal={Acta Neuropathologica},
SummaryA reliable metallic impregnation method and two variants are described for the demonstration of the components of the vasculature of the brain substance in experimental animals and in man. This method and its variants are easy to manipulate and permit the selective visualization of the blood vessels in the gray and white matter with excellent contrast in three dimensions.ZusammenfassungEine zuverlässige metallische Imprägnationsmethode und zwei Varianten für die Demonstration der… Expand
Subcortical leukomalacia. Relationship to development of the cerebral sulcus and its vascular supply.
The development of the microvascular architecture of the cerebral cortex and white matter was studied in the preterm, term, and older infant, using postmortem cerebral angiography and metalExpand
Cortical dysplasia in Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy (FCMD): a Golgi and angioarchitectonic analysis
The abnormalities in cellular morphology, cellular alignment, and cortical vascular patterns shown in the present study seem to be compatible with the hypothesis that cortical dysplasia in FCMD has resulted from superficial heterotopia of migrating neurons related to diffuse proliferation of the extra-cortical gliomesenchymal tissue and focal or extensive defects of glia limitans. Expand
Cerebral hypoperfusion in the sudden infant death syndrome? brainstem gliosis and vasculature
It is postulated that cerebral hypoperfusion may play a role in SIDS, as it is in infants who have died of congenital heart disease. Expand
Interstitial fibrin‐fibronectin deposition with T cell infiltrates precedes fibrosis in murine viral myocarditis
Interstitial fibrin‐fibronectin deposition resulting from virus‐induced and T lymphocyte‐mediated myocyte necrosis precedes the subsequent development of interstitial fibrosis and abnormal reticulin architectures in this model of murine myocarditis. Expand


Precapillary arteriovenous anastomoses. "Thoroughfare channels" in the brain.
The passage of large emboli from artery to vein means that there is a shunt bypassing the capillaries or that the capillary diameter has been found to be 5.8μ by Ueda, 15. Expand
Vascular patterns of the encephatic gray ma~ter in man
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Method for fnchsin staining of the network of cerebral blood
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