A meta-analytic study of predictors of maternal-fetal attachment.

  title={A meta-analytic study of predictors of maternal-fetal attachment.},
  author={Adela Yarcheski and Noreen E Mahon and Thomas J Yarcheski and Michele M Hanks and Barbara L Cannella},
  journal={International journal of nursing studies},
  volume={46 5},
OBJECTIVES To identify predictors of maternal-fetal attachment (MFA) through a comprehensive review of the literature, and to use quantitative meta-analysis to determine the magnitude of the relationship between each predictor and MFA. DESIGN The literature reviewed included 183 studies of MFA, published and unpublished, between 1981 and 2006. METHODS Seventy-two studies met the inclusion criteria and yielded 14 predictors of MFA. A meta-analysis was performed on each of the 14 predictors… CONTINUE READING

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