A meta-analysis of 120 246 individuals identifies 18 new loci for fibrinogen concentration.

  title={A meta-analysis of 120 246 individuals identifies 18 new loci for fibrinogen concentration.},
  author={Paul S. de Vries and Daniel I. Chasman and Maria Sabater-Lleal and Ming-Huei Chen and Jennifer E Huffman and Maristella Steri and Weining Tang and Alexander Teumer and Riccardo E. Marioni and Vera Grossmann and Jouke Jan Hottenga and Stella Trompet and Martina M{\"u}ller-Nurasyid and Jing Hua Zhao and Jennifer A Brody and Marcus E. Kleber and Xiuqing Guo and Judy Sing-Zan Wang and Paul L. Auer and John R. Attia and Lisa R Yanek and Tarunveer S Ahluwalia and Jari Lahti and Cristina Venturini and Toshiko Tanaka and Lawrence F. Bielak and Peter K Joshi and Ares Roca{\~n}{\'i}n-Arj{\'o} and Ivana Kol{\vc}i{\'c} and Pau Navarro and Lynda M. Rose and Christopher Oldmeadow and Helene Riess and Johanna Mazur and Saonli Basu and Anuj Goel and Qiong Yang and Mohsen Ghanbari and Gonneke H. M. Willemsen and Ann Rumley and Edoardo Fiorillo and Anton J. M. de Craen and Anne Grotevendt and Robert Andrew Donald Scott and Kent D. Taylor and Graciela E. Delgado and J Yao and Annette Kifley and Charles L. Kooperberg and Rehan Qayyum and Lorna M. Lopez and Tina Landsvig Berentzen and Katri Raeikkoenen and Massimo Mangino and Stefania Bandinelli and Patricia A Peyser and Sarah H Wild and David A Tr{\'e}gou{\"e}t and Alan Francis Wright and Jonathan Marten and Tatijana Zemunik and Alanna C. Morrison and Bengt Sennblad and Geoffrey H. Tofler and Moniek P M de Maat and Eco J C de Geus and Gordon D. O. Lowe and Magdalena Zoledziewska and Naveed Sattar and Harald Binder and Uwe V{\"o}lker and Melanie Waldenberger and K. T. Khaw and Barbara Mcknight and Jie Huang and Nancy Swords Jenny and Elizabeth G Holliday and Lihong Qi and Mark G. Mcevoy and Daniel M. Becker and John M Starr and Antti-Pekka Sarin and Pirro G Hysi and D. Garza Hernandez and Min A. Jhun and Harry Campbell and Anders Hamsten and Fernando Rivadeneira and Wendy L. Mcardle and P. Eline Slagboom and Tanja Zeller and Wolfgang K{\"o}nig and Bruce Mark Psaty and Talin Haritunians and Jingmin Liu and Aarno Palotie and Andr{\'e} G. Uitterlinden and David J M Stott and Albert Hofman and Oscar H Franco and Ozren Pola{\vs}ek and Igor Rudan and Pierre-Emmanuel Morange and James F Wilson and Sharon L. R. Kardia and Luigi Ferrucci and Tim D. Spector and Johan G Eriksson and Torben Hansen and Ian J. Deary and Lewis C. Becker and Rodney J. Scott and Paul D. Mitchell and Winfried Maerz and Nicholas J Wareham and Annette Peters and Andreas Greinacher and Philipp S Wild and J Wouter Jukema and Dorret I. Boomsma and Caroline Hayward and Francesco Cucca and Russell P Tracy and H. V. Watkins and Alex P. Reiner and Aaron R Folsom and Paul M. Ridker and Christopher J. O'Donnell and Nicholas L. Smith and David P. Strachan and Abbas Dehghan},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={25 2},
Genome-wide association studies have previously identified 23 genetic loci associated with circulating fibrinogen concentration. These studies used HapMap imputation and did not examine the X-chromosome. 1000 Genomes imputation provides better coverage of uncommon variants, and includes indels. We conducted a genome-wide association analysis of 34 studies imputed to the 1000 Genomes Project reference panel and including ∼120 000 participants of European ancestry (95 806 participants with data… CONTINUE READING

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