A mesh network for mobile devices using Bluetooth low energy

  title={A mesh network for mobile devices using Bluetooth low energy},
  author={Shruthi Sirur and Praneeth Juturu and Hari Prabhat Gupta and Pramod Reddy Serikar and Yaswanth Kumar Reddy and Sulekha Barak and Bonggon Kim},
  journal={2015 IEEE SENSORS},
An important issue of research in wireless networks is to dynamically organize the nodes into a wireless network and route the data from the source to the destination. In most of the existing routing techniques in wireless networks assumes that all nodes are static and do not change their positions till the end of the network. Although it is not a realistic assumption, it eliminates the effects of mobility of nodes in routing the data. In this paper, we present a mesh network for mobile devices… CONTINUE READING


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