A membrane action for WM2 / OM theory

  title={A membrane action for WM2 / OM theory},
  author={J. Antonio Gar{\'c}ıa and Alberto Guijosa and Jose David Vergara},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

M, Membranes, and OM

We examine the extent to which the action for the membrane of M‐theory (the eleven‐dimensional construct which underlies and unifies all of the known string theories) simplifies in the so‐called Open

Light-like noncommutativity and duality from open strings/branes

In this paper we perform some non-trivial tests for the recently obtained open membrane/D-brane metrics and `generalized' noncommutativity parameters using Dp/NS5/M5-branes which have been deformed

M ay 2 00 2 Strings from Quivers , Membranes from Moose

We consider N = 2 moose/quiver gauge theories corresponding to N1 D3branes at a C/ZN2 singularity in the “large moose” limit where N1 and N2 are scaled to infinity together. In the dual holographic

A non-relativistic limit of M-theory and 11-dimensional membrane Newton-Cartan geometry

Abstract We consider a non-relativistic limit of the bosonic sector of eleven-dimensional supergravity, leading to a theory based on a covariant ‘membrane Newton-Cartan’ (MNC) geometry. The local

Non-relativistic AdS branes and Newton-Hooke superalgebra

We examine a non-relativistic limit of D-branes in AdS5 × S5 and M-branes in AdS4/7 × S7/4. First, Newton-Hooke superalgebras for the AdS branes are derived from AdS × S superalgebras as Inonu-Wigner

Non-relativistic strings in expanding spacetime

We obtain a non-relativistic diffeomorphism invariant string action as a special limit of the Nambu–Goto action in a FLRW background. We use this action to study non-relativistic string dynamics in

Non Relativistic D p Branes

We construct a kappa-symmetric and diffeomorphism-invariant non-relativistic Dp-brane action as a non-relativistic limit of a relativistic Dp-brane action in flat space. In a suitable gauge the

Non-relativistic superbranes

Subtleties arising in the non-relativistic limit of relativistic branes are resolved, and a reparametrization-invariant and kappa-symmetric non-relativistic super p-brane action is obtained as a

Extended Galilean symmetries of non-relativistic strings

A bstractWe consider two non-relativistic strings and their Galilean symmetries. These strings are obtained as the two possible non-relativistic (NR) limits of a relativistic string. One of them is

Confined dynamical systems with Carroll and Galilei symmetries

We introduce a general method to construct classes of dynamical systems invariant under generalizations of the Carroll and of the Galilei groups. The method consists in starting from a space-time in



Reduction of open membrane moduli

We performa general reduction of the open membrane metric in a worldvolume direction of the M5-brane. Using reduction rules analogous to the bulk, we show that the open membrane metric leads to the

Boundaries in M-theory

Open branes in space-time non-commutative little string theory

OM theory in diverse dimensions

Open string theories can be decoupled from closed strings and gravity by scaling to the critical electric field. We propose dual descriptions for the strong coupling limit of these NCOS

OM theory and V-duality

We show that the (M5, M2, M2 0 , MW) bound state solution of eleven-dimensional supergravity recently constructed in hep-th/0009147is related to the (M5, M2) bound state one by a nite Lorentz boost

Open Membranes, p-Branes and Noncommutativity of Boundary String Coordinates

We study the dynamics of an open membrane with a cylindrical topology, in the background of a constant three form, whose boundary is attached to p-branes. The boundary closed string is coupled to a

D-branes from M-branes

Non-commutative D- and M-brane Bound States

We analyze certain brane bound states in M-theory and their descendants in type IIA string theory, all involving 3-form or 2-form background fluxes. Among them are configurations which represent