A measurement tool for investigating cooling lava properties


This paper presents the development and uncertainty characterization of a system for the direct measurement of heat transfer in cooling lava. The system continuously measures the parameters involved in the cooling process and, particularly, in the formation of the crust. The aim is to allow the future development of a physical model of the cooling process itself. In order to realize a system that will be effective in such a hostile environment, the principles on which the instruments for radiation thermometry are based have been thoroughly investigated. A virtual instrument has been developed, interfacing the measuring system and the user, processing the incoming data, and producing an estimate of the uncertainty of the measurement chain. The various sources of uncertainty have been taken into account to produce an accurate estimate of the uncertainty associated with the measured data. The results of experimental tests are presented.

DOI: 10.1109/TIM.2004.823298

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@article{Ando2004AMT, title={A measurement tool for investigating cooling lava properties}, author={Bruno Ando and Mauro Coltelli and Marilena Sambataro}, journal={IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement}, year={2004}, volume={53}, pages={507-513} }