A measurement of Lorentz angle and spatial resolution of radiation hard silicon pixel sensors

  title={A measurement of Lorentz angle and spatial resolution of radiation hard silicon pixel sensors},
  author={I. G. Gorelov and Grant Gorfine and Martin Robert Hoeferkamp and Sally Seidel and A. Ciocio and Kevin Einsweiler and Murdock Gilchriese and Abhay Joshi and Stuart Kleinfelder and Roberto Marchesini and Oren Milgrome and Nicholas P. Palaio and F. X. Pengg and Justin Richardson and G. Zizka and Michael Ackers and Peter Prof.Dr. Fischer and Marc Keil and Susanne Meuser and Tobias Stockmanns and J.. Treis and Norbert Wermes and Claus Goessling and Fabian H{\"u}gging and Jens W{\"u}stenfeld and R. Wunstorf and Dario Barberis and Roberto Beccherle and Mario Cervetto and Giovanni Darbo and Gianluca Gagliardi and Claudia Gemme and Paolo Morettini and P. Netchaeva and Bianca Maria Osculati and Franco A. Parodi and Leonardo Paolo Rossi and Ke-gang Dao and David Fasching and Laurent Blanquart and Patrick Breugnon and David Calvet and Jean Claude Cl{\'e}mens and Pierre Delpierre and Gregory David Hallewell and Dani{\`e}le Laugier and Th. Mouthuy and Aleksej Rozanov and C. Trouilleau and Isabelle Valin and K. Zachariadou and A. M. Pereira Andreazza and Massimo Caccia and Tommaso Lari and Chiara Meroni and Francesca Ragusa and C. Kourkoumelis and G.. Vegni and Th. Rohe and G. Boyd and Horst Severini and P. Skubic and Jim Snow and Petr Sicho and Ladislav Tomasek and Vaclav Vrba and Matthias Holder and Dirk Lipka and Michael Ziolkowski and D. Cauz and Sabato d'Auria and Cecilia E. del Papa and H. Grassman and Luciana Santi and K. H. Becks and Philipe Gerlach and Christian Grah and Ing. Milan Gregor and T. Harenberg and Ch. Linder},
Silicon pixel sensors developed by the ATLAS collaboration to meet LHC requirements and to withstand hadronic irradiation to fluences of up to $10^{15} n_eq/cm^{2}$ have been evaluated using a test beam facility at CERN providing a magnetic field. The Lorentz angle was measured and found to alter from 9.0 deg. before irradiation, when the detectors operated at 150 V bias at B=1.48 T, to 3.1 deg after irradiation and operating at 600 V bias at 1.01 T. In addition to the effect due to magnetic… CONTINUE READING

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