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A measure of transaction processing power

  title={A measure of transaction processing power},
  author={Dina Bitton and Mark P. Brown and Rick Catell and Stefano Ceri and Timothy C. K. Chou and David J. DeWitt and Dieter Gawlick and Hector Garcia-Molina and Bob Good and Jim Gray and Pete Homan and Bob Jolls and Tony Lukes and Edward D. Lazowska and John Nauman and Mike Pong and Alfred Z. Spector and Kent Trieber and Harald Sammer and Omri Serlin and Michael Stonebraker and Andreas Reuter and Peter J. Weinberger},
  journal={Datamation archive},
Three benchmarks are defined: Sort, Scan and DebitCredit. The first two benchmarks measure a system's input/output performance. DebitCredit is a simple transaction processing application used to define a throughput measure -Transactions Per Second (TPS). These benchmarks measure the performance of diverse transaction processing systems. A standard system cost measure is stated and used to define price/performance metrics. A condensed version of this paper appears in Datamation, April 1, 1985 
Transaction processing performance on PA-RISC commercial Unix systems
The authors briefly compare and contrast selected 'architectural results' and 'implementation results' from three diverse applications: transaction processing, general-purpose, and technical/scientific.
A view of database system performance measures
  • J. Gray
  • Computer Science
  • 1987
The Wisconsin and SCAN benchmarks heavily penalize a system which is slow to read the next record in a file, and a system with poor performance on these benchmarks can be analyzed as follows.
Performance / Price Sort
This paper documents this and proposes that the PennySort benchmark be revised to Performance/Price sort: a simple GB/$ sort metric based on a two-pass external sort.
Storage performance-metrics and benchmarks
The metrics and benchmarks used in storage performance evaluation are discussed, and two approaches to storage benchmarks-LADDIS and a self-scaling benchmark with predicted performance-are described.
A benchmark of NonStop SQL on the debit credit transaction
A benchmark of NonStop SQL was summarized which demonstrated linear growth of throughout from 14 to 208 Debit Credit transactions per second as the hardware grew from 2 to 32 processors.
Panel: Database system performance management
It appears as though both the TP1 and the Wisconsin benchmark have the potential of becoming de facto standard benchmarks, in their respective areas, to be used in a variety of ways.
- 1-Storage Performance — Metrics and Benchmarks
The technology trends taking place in storage systems, such as disk and tape evolution, disk arrays, and solid state disks, are highlighted and two new approaches to storage benchmarks—LADDIS and A Self-Scaling Benchmark with Predicted Performance are described.
A benchmark for the performance evaluation of centralized and distributed transaction processing systems
  • W. Kohler, Y.-P. Hsu
  • Computer Science
    [1990] Proceedings. Second IEEE Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems
  • 1990
The authors outline the features of the transaction processing performance council (TPC) benchmark A and describe the implementation of the benchmark in a distributed transaction processing (TP)
A "Measure of Transaction Processing" 20 Years Later
  • J. Gray
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Data Eng. Bull.
  • 2005
It is shown that improvement has exceeded Moore’s law – largely due to hardware improvements, software improvements, massive parallelism, and changing from mainframe to commodity economics.
Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fastest Database of Them All? A survey of Database Benchmarks
This paper defines DBMS benchmarks, explores the role of the Transaction Processing Performance Council as the only benchmark standards organization, and surveys eight existingDBMS benchmarks for on-line transaction processing, relational, and object-oriented databases.


One Thousand Transactions per Second
The need for general-purpose transaction processing systems is surveyed and the approaches being taken by three different groups are contrasted.
Processing of Hot Spots in Database Systems
  • Proceedings of IEEE COMPCON
  • 1985
Processing of Hot Spots in Database Systems
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Experience with a Large Distributed Banking System
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Notes on Database Operating Systems
  • In Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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The Gibson Mix
  • The Gibson Mix
  • 1970
Hector Garcia-Molina 0: Princton, Bob Good of BofA, Jim Gray of Tandem, Pete Homan of Tandem
  • Bob Jails of Tandem, Tony Lukes of HP