A mathematical model of canine granulocytopoiesis.

  title={A mathematical model of canine granulocytopoiesis.},
  author={Klaus Steinbach and Hartmut Raffler and G{\"u}nther Pabst and Theodor M. Fliedner},
  journal={Journal of mathematical biology},
  volume={10 1},
The granulocyte cell renewal system of the dog is represented by a mathematical model consisting of the following compartments: The pool of pluripotential stem cells, the committed stem cell pool, divided into a blood and a bone marrow compartment, the proliferation pool, the maturation pool, the reserve pool and the blood pool of functional granulocytes. This chain of compartments is described by a system of non-linear differential equations. Cell losses anyplace in the system provoke… CONTINUE READING

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