A mathematical model of a bullfrog cardiac pacemaker cell.

  title={A mathematical model of a bullfrog cardiac pacemaker cell.},
  author={Randall L. Rasmusson and John W. Clark and Wayne R Giles and Erwin F. Shibata and Donald L. Campbell},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={259 2 Pt 2},
Previous models of cardiac cellular electrophysiology have been based largely on voltage-clamp measurements obtained from multicellular preparations and often combined data from different regions of the heart and a variety of species. We have developed a model of cardiac pacemaking based on a comprehensive set of voltage-clamp measurements obtained from single cells isolated from one specific tissue type, the bullfrog sinus venosus (SV). Consequently, sarcolemmal current densities and kinetics… CONTINUE READING


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