A map of the interactome network of the metazoan C. elegans.

  title={A map of the interactome network of the metazoan C. elegans.},
  author={SiMing Li and Christopher M. Armstrong and Nicolas Bertin and Hui Ge and Stuart Milstein and Mike Boxem and Pierre-Olivier Vidalain and Jing-Dong Jackie Han and Alban Chesneau and T. C. Hao and Debra S. Goldberg and Ning Li and Maria Martinez and Jean-François Rual and Philippe E. Lamesch and Lai Xu and Muneesh Tewari and Sharyl L. Wong and Lan V. Zhang and Gabriel F. Berriz and L. Jacotot and Philippe Vaglio and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Reboul and Tomoko Hirozane-Kishikawa and Qianru Li and Harrison W. Gabel and Ahmed Elewa and Bridget L. Baumgartner and Debra J. Rose and Haiyuan Yu and Stephanie Bosak and Reynaldo Sequerra and A. S. Fraser and Susan E Mango and William M. Saxton and Susan Strome and Sander van den Heuvel and Fabio Piano and Jean Vandenhaute and Claude Sardet and Mark Gerstein and Lynn Doucette-Stamm and Kristin C. Gunsalus and J Wade Harper and Michael E. Cusick and Frederick P. Roth and David E Hill and Marc Vidal},
  volume={303 5657},
To initiate studies on how protein-protein interaction (or "interactome") networks relate to multicellular functions, we have mapped a large fraction of the Caenorhabditis elegans interactome network. Starting with a subset of metazoan-specific proteins, more than 4000 interactions were identified from high-throughput, yeast two-hybrid (HT=Y2H) screens. Independent coaffinity purification assays experimentally validated the overall quality of this Y2H data set. Together with already described… CONTINUE READING
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