A manifold which does not admit any differentiable structure

  title={A manifold which does not admit any differentiable structure},
  author={Michel Kervaire},
  journal={Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici},
  • M. Kervaire
  • Published 1 December 1960
  • Mathematics
  • Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici

Minimum numbers and Wecken theorems in topological coincidence theory. I

AbstractMinimum numbers measure the obstruction to removing coincidences of two given maps (between smooth manifolds M and N of dimensions m and n, resp.). In this paper, we compare them to four

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In this note we discuss how the first author came upon the Kervaire invariant question while analyzing the image of the J-homomorphism in the EHP sequence. One of the central projects of algebraic

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The aim of this paper is to present Michel Kervaire’s work on differential knots in higher dimensions in codimension q = 2. In order to appreciate the importance of Kervaire’s contribution, we

The Arf-Kervaire Invariant of framed manifolds

This work surveys classical and recent advances around the existence of exotic differentiable structures on spheres and its connection to stable homotopy theory.


In this paper we introduce a method for the investigation of smooth simply connected manifolds of dimension n ≥ 5 that permits a classification of them with exactness up to orientation-preserving

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We give an expository account of the development of the Kervaire invariant and its generalizations with emphasis on its applications to surgery and, in particular, to the existence of stably

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Introduction.- Simplicial (co)homology.- Singular and cellular (co)homologies.- Products.- Poincar'e Duality.- Projective spaces.- Equivariant cohomology.- Steenrod squares.- Stiefel-Whitney

The Arf-Kervaire invariant of framed manifolds as an obstruction to embeddability

We define a quadratic form which gives an obstruction to embedding N 4k+2 � R 6k+4 of a smooth highly connected manifold into Euclidean space, with sufficiently many nondegenerate sections of the




According to [5] the sphere S7 can be given several differentiable structures which are essentially distinct. A corresponding result for the 15-sphere has been proved by Shimada [10] and Tamura [12].


In the proof, we shall make use of a not quite classical form of Whitney duality, involving Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classes which have to be considered as relative cohomology classes. Since

Cohomologie modulo 2 des complexes d’Eilenberg-MacLane

On sait que les complexes K (/7, q) introduits par Eilenberg-MacLane dans [4] jouent un r61e essentiel dans un grand nombre de questions de topologie alg6brique. Le pr6sent article est une


Quelques propriétés globales des variétés différentiables

Le présent article donne la démonstration des résultats que j'ai annoncés dans quatre Notes aux Comptes-Rendus [28]1). Il est divisé en quatre chapitres. Le premier chapitre élabore une technique