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A magna carta for the knowledge age

  title={A magna carta for the knowledge age},
  author={Matthew Dyson and George Gilder and George A. Keyworth and Alvin Toffler},
Networked urban screens and participatory public spaces
Large video screens have become a distinctive aspect of contemporary cities. Despite their initial history as a medium predominantly used for advertising, recent developments suggest they can offer
Digital Constitution: Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of an Individual in a Totally Informational Society
The article analyzes the problems associated with the mismatch of speeds with which the processes of the formation of a totally digital society are taking place, and the creation of effective social
From Hypertext to Hype and Back Again: Exploring the Roots of Social Media in Early Web Culture
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What is the Stage of Development of Albania in the Information Society?
Information society is a new stage of the social order. It is based on knowledge and offering services on the production of goods. A characteristics of the information society is the quick mass
Instantly Deployable Expert Knowledge - Networks of Knowledge Engines
This work proposes a socio-technical framework that transforms expert knowledge into a solution creation system and outlines how these knowledge representations could yield legal, ethical and social challenges and nurture new business and remuneration models on knowledge.
Security Sector Reform in Ukraine
The Maidan Revolution in Ukraine created an opportunity for change and reforms in a system that had resisted them for the past quarter century. This report examines Ukraine's security sector,
This paper demonstrates how the ownership of online communities, the interactions between community users and the owners/managers of those communities, and the internal politics that can arise
Interpreting the emergence and development of high technology electronics industry clusters in selected second tier global regions.
Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), 2014
Cyber-Libertarianism 2.0: A Discourse Theory/Critical Political Economy Examination
Cyber-libertarian discourse has recently made a “come-back” in popular technology and academic discussions about the democratic potential of “Web 2.0.” here, becoming a digital citizen means becoming