A machine program for theorem-proving

  title={A machine program for theorem-proving},
  author={Martin D. Davis and George Logemann and Donald W. Loveland},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
The programming of a proof procedure is discussed in connection with trial runs and possible improvements. 
Bounded model checking of multi-threaded programs via sequentialization
This dissertation aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about concrete mechanical properties such as E-modulus and compressive strength.
Generalized Davis-Putnam and satisfiability problems in mathematics
  • R. Cowen
  • Mathematics, Philosophy
    Log. J. IGPL
  • 2010
One of the main techniques in automated theorem proving (ATP) is the Davis-Putnam procedure and we offer a version that is independent of mathematical logic.
Space in Proof Complexity
This thesis is concerned with the size and space of proofs, and in parti the study of the resources that are needed to prove formulas in propositional logic.
A Formally-Proven Algorithm for 2-Sat Problems
This notes explains how an algorithm that checks the satisfiability of a set of two clause has been formalised in the Coq prover using the SSReflect extension.
On theorem proving for program checking: historical perspective and recent developments
A survey of recent results, related works and new challenges in automated theorem proving for program checking and some of the turning points that made crucial advances possible are highlighted.
Tractability and Modern Satisfiability Modulo Theories Solvers
Tractability and Modern Satisfiability Modulo Theories Solvers page 3 1.1 Tractable and Modern satisfaction modulo theories Solvers pages 3 and 3.
Consequence Finding Algorithms
In this section, the notion of consequence finding is introduced and motivated in informal terms. Then, the scope of the chapter and its organization are successively pointed out.
A Tutorial on Stålmarck's Proof Procedure for Propositional Logic
The proof system underlying Stålmarck's proof procedure for classical propositional logic is presented, and the various design decisions that have resulted in a system that copes well with the large formulas encountered in industrial-scale verification are motivated.


A Proof Method for Quantification Theory: Its Justification and Realization
A program is described which can provide a computer with quick logical facility for syllogisms and moderately more complicated sentences. The program realizes a method for proving that a sentence of
A Computing Procedure for Quantification Theory
In the present paper, a uniform proof procedure for quantification theory is given which is feasible for use with some rather complicated formulas and which does not ordinarily lead to exponentiation.
An improved proof procedure
  • Theoria
  • 1960
An improved proof procedure
  • Theoria 26,
  • 1960