A low profile electronically-steerable artificial-impedance-surface antenna

  title={A low profile electronically-steerable artificial-impedance-surface antenna},
  author={Daniel J. Gregoire and J. S. Colburn and Amit M. Patel and Ryan G. Quarfoth and Daniel F. Sievenpiper},
  journal={2014 International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA)},
A Ku-band, electronically-steerable, artificial-impedance-surface antenna (AISA) was designed, fabricated and measured. It is capable of scanning in elevation from -70° to 80° with gain variation of less than 5 dB. The antenna operates by launching a surface wave along a surface-wave waveguide (SWG) whose impedance elements are rectangular patches with electrically tunable capacitors between them. The radiation beam is scanned in elevation by applying voltages to the varactors to change the SWG… CONTINUE READING