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A low power NMOS LDO in the Philips CO50PMU process

  title={A low power NMOS LDO in the Philips CO50PMU process},
  author={S. N. Easwaran},
  • S. N. Easwaran
  • Published 2006
  • Computer Science
  • In this report a new architecture of an NMOS Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulator is proposed. It features a new frequency compensation technique to enable better regulation. The LDO Regulator handles large load currents with good stability (25° phase margin for low load currents from no load till 2mA and then towards 90°for larger load currents) and a good transient response (overshoot and undershoot less than 3% for a load step from 1mA to 500mA). The quiescent current of the LDO is 50μA, with a load… CONTINUE READING
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