A low-cost procedure for production of fresh autochthonous wine yeast


A low-cost procedure was designed for easy and rapid response-on-demand production of fresh wine yeast for local wine-making. The pilot plant produced fresh yeast culture concentrate with good microbial quality and excellent oenological properties from four selected wine yeasts. The best production yields were obtained using 2% sugar beet molasses and a working culture volume of less than 60% of the fermenter capacity. The yeast yield using 2% sugar grape juice was low and had poor cell viability after freeze storage, although the resulting yeast would be directly available for use in the winery. The performance of these yeasts in commercial wineries was excellent; they dominated must fermentation and improved its kinetics, as well as improving the physicochemical parameters and the organoleptic quality of red and white wines.

DOI: 10.1007/s10295-010-0790-x

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