A low complexity architecture for binary image erosion and dilation using structuring element decomposition

  title={A low complexity architecture for binary image erosion and dilation using structuring element decomposition},
  author={H. Hedberg and F. Kristensen and P. Nilsson and V. {\"O}wall},
  journal={2005 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
  pages={3431-3434 Vol. 4}
This paper describes a new hardware architecture for binary image erosion and dilation. The design is to be used in a self contained real-time surveillance system. Thus, low complexity and low power consumption are main constraints. To achieve this goal the aim has been to reduce memory requirements and the number of memory accesses per pixel. By storing only the number of consecutive ones that appears horizontally and vertically in the input image, only two internal memory accesses per… Expand
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