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A long-period substellar object exhibiting a single transit in Kepler

  title={A long-period substellar object exhibiting a single transit in Kepler},
  author={Samuel N. Quinn and Saul A. Rappaport and Andrew M. Vanderburg and Jason D. Eastman and Lorne A. Nelson and Thomas Lee Jacobs and Daryll M. LaCourse and Allan R. Schmitt and Perry L. Berlind and M. Calkins and Gilbert A. Esquerdo and Andrew W. Howard and Howard T. Isaacson and David W. Latham},
We report the detection of a single transit-like signal in the Kepler data of the slightly evolved F star KIC4918810. The transit duration is ∼45 hours, and while the orbital period (P∼10 years) is not well constrained, it is one of the longest among companions known to transit. We calculate the size of the transiting object to be RP = 0.910 RJup. Objects of this size vary by orders of magnitude in their densities, encompassing masses between that of Saturn (0.3 MJup) and stars above the… 

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