A logical representation of Arabic questions toward automatic passage extraction from the Web

  title={A logical representation of Arabic questions toward automatic passage extraction from the Web},
  author={Wided Bakari and Patrice Bellot and Mahmoud Neji},
  journal={International Journal of Speech Technology},
With the expanding growth of Arabic electronic data on the web, extracting information, which is actually one of the major challenges of the question-answering, is essentially used for building corpus of documents. In fact, building a corpus is a research topic that is currently referred to among some other major themes of conferences, in natural language processing (NLP), such as, information retrieval (IR), question-answering (QA), automatic summary (AS), etc. Generally, a question-answering… 

Arabic question answering system: a survey

The challenges due to the language and how these challenges make the development of new Arabic QAS more difficult are discussed, followed by an in-depth analysis of the techniques and approaches in the three modules of a QAS.

Toward a new arabic question answering system

This paper describes the proposed technique to transform an Arabic question, to a query which is available to get information from the Arabic Wikipedia, and uses a hybrid Arabic Part-of-Speech (POS) tagging and Arabic WordNet (AWN) for query expansion.

Arabic Question Answering Systems: Gap Analysis

The objective of this research is to analyze the QA systems created for Arabic text by reviewing, categorizing, and analyzing the gaps by providing advice to those who would like to work in this field.

An Approach for a Temporal Arabic Question Answering System Based on the Construction of a Temporal Resource

Ar-TQAS, an Arabic Temporal Question Answering System based on the construction of a temporal resource, has been implemented and answering questions about temporal information involving several forms of inference to obtain a relevant answer.

Improving The Effectiveness of Texts Retrieval using Knowledge-Based Approach

  • Essam Said Hanandeh
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research
  • 2020
This paper aimed at building and designing automated Arabic thesauri through the use of the term similarity which could be employed in any particular domain or field for improving the process of expansion and obtaining greater number of relevant documents for the user query.

Intelligent Analysis in Question Answering System Based on an Arabic Temporal Resource

The overall structure of the specific system for generating answers of temporal questions based on Arabic temporal resource, called Ar-TQAS (Arabic Temporal Question Answering System), which deals with answering temporal questions involving several forms of inference to obtain a relevant answer is presented.



Experimenting with a Question Answering System for the Arabic Language

QARAB is presented, a QA system that combines techniques from Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing that enables domain independence and takes natural language questions expressed in the Arabic language and attempts to provide short answers in Arabic.

A New Question Answering System for the Arabic Language

Traditional information retrieval techniques joined with a sophisticated natural language processing approach have been used in this research work to depict the architecture of a question answering system and methodically evaluate contributions of different system components to accuracy.


EvaluatingJAWEB showed that it gives the correct answer with 100% recall and 80% precision on average, which gives clear evidence that JAWEB has great potential as a QA platform and is much needed by Arabic-speaking Internet users across the world.

Towards an Arabic Question Answering System

This paper presents an early version of a QA system oriented to the Arabic language and which it hopes to release soon and gives a generic description of the different parts of the system and draws results of the already implemented parts.

IDRAAQ: New Arabic Question Answering System Based on Query Expansion and Passage Retrieval

Arabic is one of the languages which are less concerned by researchers in the field of Question Answering. The paper presents core modules of a new Arabic Question Answering system called IDRAAQ.

AQuASys : A Question-Answering System For Arabic

The proposed system is composed of three modules: A question analysis module, a sentence filtering module and an answer extraction module, which gives more attention to the question analysis in order to extract valuable and informative features.

DefArabicQA: Arabic Definition Question Answering System

This paper proposes an Arabic definitional Question Answering system based on a pattern approach to identify exact and accurate definitions about organization using Web resources and experiments it with Google search engine and Wikipedia Arabic version and a set of 50 organization definition questions.

Architecture of an Ontology-Based Domain-Specific Natural Language Question Answering System

The architecture of a Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) system for a specific domain based on the ontological information is described, a step towards semantic web question answering.

Implementation of the ArabiQA Question Answering System's components

This work presents the different components that ArabiQA shall contain making a special focus on the Answer Extraction (AE) module, which is required to achieve high precision.