A literature review and classification of electronic commerce research

  title={A literature review and classification of electronic commerce research},
  author={Eric W. T. Ngai and F. K. T. Wat},
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Electronic Commerce Research Review: Classification and Analysis
The purpose of this study was to determine trends and transformations in the electronic commerce research after dot com crash of 2000 and a unified model of electronic commerce was presented to explain the relations among the major three categories.
Electronic Commerce Research in Latest Decade: A Literature Review
This paper presents a literature review and classification for electronic commerce research. The authors examined 4,948 articles listed in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and 2,875
Electronic commerce (EC) is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across an electronic network, primarily the Internet. EC has expanded
A Comparative Analysis of International and Chinese Electronic Commerce Research
Based on the classification and analysis of e-commerce related researches, the current state of International and Chinese research is presented and the differences between them are discussed.
Electronic commerce development of 13 years in China: A literature analysis
  • Zhang Rui, G. Yuan
  • Business, Education
    2011 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce (AIMSEC)
  • 2011
The study adopts herfindahl index to analyze the diversity of E-commerce research in China and presents the four classifications which are research field, research objects, operational progresses and research methods.
A comparative analysis of International, Korean and Chinese e-commerce research
The research consists of 1,467 journal papers published between 1993 and 2003 in seven international, seven Korean and seven Chinese journals and shows the comparative differences among them.
A Bibliometric Analysis of Electronic Commerce Research from 1996 to 2012
This study identified 19,831 publications to explore global trends of electronic commerce research during 1996-2012, based on all the subject categories of the SCIE and SSCI, and found that “Computer Science Information Systems”, “Business” and ”Computer Science Theory Methods” were the top three most popular subject categories.
A Review of Electronic Commerce Research in China
The most heavily published EC research area is in the technological issues followed by the market topics in China journals, and the most of top 10 EI journals for publication of EC articles are in the computer area followed by electronics, mechanical engineering, and system engineering.
The Intellectual Core Of Electronic Commerce Research From 2006 To 2010
The intellectual core of electronic commerce (e-commerce) research is explored to provide core knowledge and directions for researchers and practitioners interested in the electronic commerce field.


A Framework for Identifying Web-Based Electronic Commerce Opportunities
  • F. Riggins
  • Business
    J. Organ. Comput. Electron. Commer.
  • 1999
An existing framework originally developed by Hammer and Mangurian is expanded on to identify opportunities from Web-based EC applications to create the Electronic Commerce Value Grid, which identifies 15 areas in which firms compete along 5 dimensions of commerce.
Toward a unified view of electronic commerce
The development of extranets is believed to provide a link between the firm’s intranet and Internet strategies that will broaden the relatively narrow definition of e-commerce currently employed by many managers.
A Review of MIS Research and Disciplinary Development
The dominant research perspective employed in almost all of the empirical articles included in the study can be characterized as a traditional approach reflecting a positivist orientation.
A Re-Evaluation of Information Systems Publication Forums
The value or quality of journals for dissemination of new research results by academic researchers is a source of ongoing discussion in the academic community. The information systems field is
Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective
From the Publisher: This book presents the fundamentals of electronic commerce and its terminology, describing what it is and how it is being conducted and managed. It also focuses on the major
Research opportunities in electronic commerce
Using Electronic Commerce to Focus a Country: The Case of Slovenia
Slovenia's use of GSS and electronic commerce may become a model for developing and developed countries facing large complex problems with multiple stakeholders.
The effectiveness of commercial Internet Web sites: a user's perspective
It was found that 30 percent of the companies had facilities for conducting transactions online and only 7 percent charged users for Web site access, and overall, the Web sites rated highly in terms of ease of access, content and structure but scored poorly for their number of unique features.
Formal Aspects of Electronic Commerce: Research Issues and Challenges
This paper attempts to incite research in the direction of fundamental improvements to (global) commerce, which is presently being overlooked for lack of adequate formal theories, representations, and tools.