A limit for the μ→eγ decay from the MEG experiment

  title={A limit for the μ→eγ decay from the MEG experiment},
  author={M. C. J. Adam and X. Bai and A. Baldini and E. Baracchini and A. Barchiesi and C. Bemporad and G. Boca and P. Cattaneo and G. Cavoto and G. Cecchet and F. Cei and C. Cerri and A. Bari and M. Gerone and T. Doke and S. Dussoni and J. Egger and L. Galli and G. Gallucci and F. Gatti and B. Golden and M. Grassi and D. Grigoriev and T. Haruyama and M. Hildebrandt and Y. Hisamatsu and F. Ignatov and T. Iwamoto and D. Kaneko and P. Kettle and B. Khazin and O. Kiselev and A. Korenchenko and N. Kravchuk and A. Maki and S. Mihara and W. Molzon and T. Mori and D. Mzavia and H. Natori and R. Nardo and D. Nicolo and H. Nishiguchi and Y. Nishimura and W. Ootani and M. Panareo and A. Papa and R. Pazzi and G. Piredda and A. Popov and F. Renga and S. Ritt and M. Rossella and R. Sawada and M. Schneebeli and F. Sergiampietri and G. Signorelli and S. Suzuki and C. Topchyan and V. Tumakov and Y. Uchiyama and R. Valle and C. Voena and F. Xiao and S. Yamada and A. Yamamoto and S. Yamashita and Yu. V. Yudin and D. Zanello},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
  • M. C. J. Adam, X. Bai, +66 authors D. Zanello
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Reference EPFL-ARTICLE-173143doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2010.03.030 URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/arXiv:0908.2594 Record created on 2011-12-23, modified on 2017-05-12 
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