A light emitting device having a phosphor composition

  title={A light emitting device having a phosphor composition},
  author={スリバスタバ,アロク・マニ and ドゥガル,アニル・ラジ and ビアーズ,ウィリアム・ウィンダー and レビンソン,ライオネル・モンティー},
(57) Abstract: a light source comprising a phosphor composition, and light emitting devices such as LED or laser diode. A phosphor composition emits radiation having a second spectrum absorbs radiation having a first In the phosphor composition and the light source cooperates, white light with favorable characteristics, including a color temperature of 3000-6500 ° K, color rendering index of about 83 to 87, and the device vision sensitivity of about 10 to 20 lumens / watt it can be generated. 

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