A lifetime of deciphering complexities of embryo implantation.


This interview chronicles the story of Sudhansu K. Dey in his journey from Calcutta, India to Kansas City, Kansas, establishing a research enterprise in the field of female reproduction. His research of over four decades has focused specifically on implantation biology using various model systems and reveling the impact of implantation on female reproductive medicine. This interview also reveals qualities of SK's character - his resolution, mentoring spirit, and humble nature - that contributed to his successes. SK is not shy to approach individuals for expertise or help, and in the same spirit, he is ready to offer his help to others irrespective of their positions or stature. He constantly attributes his success to the hard work of his laboratory members, the intellectual stimulation from his collaborators, and the support from his family. His ability to overcome challenges throughout his career is a reminder to students and junior investigators in the scientific community that each individual is endowed with talents and can accomplish their dreams if they pursue them. This interview tells the story of how he progressed from an inquisitive child to becoming a true servant to the cause of science and humankind.

DOI: 10.1387/ijdb.130332st

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@article{Tranguch2014ALO, title={A lifetime of deciphering complexities of embryo implantation.}, author={Susanne L Tranguch and Sudhansu K . Dey}, journal={The International journal of developmental biology}, year={2014}, volume={58 2-4}, pages={79-86} }