A lexicon for measuring maintenance of behavior change.

  title={A lexicon for measuring maintenance of behavior change.},
  author={Rachel B. Seymour and Susan L. Hughes and Marcia G Ory and Diane Elliot and Kimberly C Kirby and Jeffrey P. Migneault and Heather Patrick and John Michael Roll and Geoffrey S Williams},
  journal={American journal of health behavior},
  volume={34 6},
OBJECTIVES To establish a workgroup within the NIH-funded Health Maintenance Consortium (HMC) to examine how "maintenance" of behavior change was conceptualized and measured across and within behaviors. METHODS Multiple meetings were held by the workgroup to reach consensus definitions of maintenance and maintenance-related constructs across diet/nutrition, tobacco, substance abuse, and physical activity. Once consensus was reached, a survey assessed how maintenance was operationalized across… CONTINUE READING