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A lethal danger in the home: turpentine poisoning.

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Turpentine is an oleoresin obtained from various species of pine. In turpentine poisoning, various signs and symptoms of toxicity may develop, including hematuria, renal failure, loss of vision, chest pain, vomiting, severe coughing, gastroesophageal hemorrhage, hypotension, swelling of the throat and even death. We report a case of turpentine ingestion in a 9-year-old boy. The patient was admitted to our clinic with suspected intoxication after accidentally drinking from a glass that held a… 

A study of accidental ingestion of hydrocarbons in children in a medical college hospital in central Kerala

AIH is a common cause of poisoning in children due to the easy availability in the house itself due to various reasons and the morbidity and mortality can be prevented by education of the society especially the care takers of the children in the community.

Anti-psoriasis effect of water-processed rosin in mice.

Clinical signs associated with a case of iatrogenic poisoning by a turpentine-based commercial product in a 3-day-old foal

O presente trabalho relata um caso de intoxicacao iatrogenica por um produto a base of terebintina comercial em um potro de tres dias de idade com rapido desenvolvimento de sinais de toxicidade aguda e uma resposta muito favoravel ao tratamento sintomatico.



Turpentine oil inhalation leading to lung necrosis and empyema in a toddler.

A case of exploratory ingestion and inhalation of turpentine oil in an 18-month-old boy is reported, leading to extensive lung parenchymal damage, formation of multiple abscess cavities, and necrosis treated with decortication and segmental resection.

Poisoning in children 4: Household products, plants, and mushrooms

Management of children who have ingested bleach, white spirit, turpentine, general household cleaning products, alcohol, rodenticides, petrochemicals, essential oils, vapour treatments, nail care

Turpentine poisoning: a case report.

Short term inhalation exposure to turpentine: toxicokinetics and acute effects in men.

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The subjects experienced discomfort in the throat and airways during exposure to turpentine and airway resistance was increased after the end of exposure, and toxicokinetics and acute effects show small, if any, interactions between alpha-pinene, beta- pinene, and 3-carene.

Allergic contact hobby dermatitis from turpentine.

A case of a non-professional painter who developed a contact allergic dermatitis due to his exposure to turpentine while doing oil-painting as a hobby is reported.

Ingestion of toxic substances by children.

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In this review, I discuss the management of poisoning in children, with an emphasis on current guidelines for treatment and prevention that are safe and effective.

Position statement: gastric lavage. American Academy of Clinical Toxicology; European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists.

Gastric lavage should not be employed routinely in the management of poisoned patients unless a patient has ingested a potentially life-threatening amount of a poison and the procedure can be undertaken within 60 minutes of ingestion.

A Case of Turpentine Poisoning.

Childhood poisoning and ingestion

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Review of Toxicological Literature/ Toxicological Summary For Turpentine

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