A lattice model for resonance in open periodic waveguides

  title={A lattice model for resonance in open periodic waveguides},
  author={Natalia Ptitsyna and Stephen P. Shipman},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
We present a discrete model of resonant scattering of waves by an open periodic waveguide. The model elucidates a phenomenon common in electromagnetics, in which the interaction of plane waves with embedded guided modes of the waveguide causes sharp transmission anomalies and field amplification. The ambient space is modeled by a planar lattice and the waveguide by a linear periodic lattice coupled to the planar one along a line. We show the existence of standing and traveling guided modes and… 

Total Resonant Transmission and Reflection by Periodic Structures

For two-dimensional structures, sufficient conditions are established, involving structural symmetry, under which anomalies attain total transmission and total reflection at frequencies separated by an arbitrarily small amount.

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In certain layered electromagnetic media, one can construct a waveguide that supports a harmonic electromagnetic field at a frequency that is embedded in the continuous spectrum. When the structure

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This paper examines the resonant transmission of electromagnetic waves around the trapped modes of a magnetized plasma layer. Expressions for the dispersion relation, the evanescent wave coupling and

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This work analyses the effects of cubic nonlinearities on certain resonant scattering anomalies associated with the dissolution of an embedded eigenvalue of a linear scattering system. These sharp

Bound states in the continuum

Bound states in the continuum (BICs) are waves that remain localized even though they coexist with a continuous spectrum of radiating waves that can carry energy away. Their very existence defies

Guided modes and resonant transmission in periodic structures

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Resonant electromagnetic scattering in anisotropic layered media

The resonant excitation of an electromagnetic guided mode of a slab structure by exterior radiation results in anomalous scattering behavior, including sharp energy-transmission anomalies and field



Resonant scattering by open periodic waveguides 1

This article concerns the interaction between guided electromagnetic or acoustic modes of a penetrable periodic planar waveguide and plane waves originating from sources exterior to the waveguide.

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The perturbation of three coincident zeros-those of the dispersion relation for slab modes, the reflection constant, and the transmission constant-is central to calculating transmission anomalies both for lossless dielectric materials and for perfect metals.

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We present a three-dimensional analysis of guided resonances in photonic crystal slab structures that leads to a new understanding of the complex spectral properties of such systems. Specifically, we

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Microscopic theory of the extraordinary optical transmission

A microscopic theory of the transmission through subwavelength hole arrays is derived, by considering the elementary processes associated with scattering of surface-plasmon-polariton (SPP) modes by individual one-dimensional chains of subwa wavelength holes, and derives analytical expressions for all the transmission spectrum characteristics.