A late Neolithic expansion of Y chromosomal haplogroup O2a1‐M95 from east to west

  title={A late Neolithic expansion of Y chromosomal haplogroup O2a1‐M95 from east to west},
  author={G. Arunkumar and Lanhai Wei and Valampuri John Kavitha and A. Syama and Varatharajan Santhakumari Arun and Surendra Sathua and R. Sahoo and R. Balakrishnan and T. Riba and J. Chakravarthy and B. Chaudhury and P. Panda and Pradipta K. Das and P. Nayak and H. Li and R. Pitchappan},
  journal={Journal of Systematics and Evolution},
  • G. Arunkumar, Lanhai Wei, +13 authors R. Pitchappan
  • Published 2015
  • Geography
  • Journal of Systematics and Evolution
  • The origin and dispersal of Y‐Chromosomal haplogroup O2a1‐M95, distributed across the Austro Asiatic speaking belt of East and South Asia, are yet to be fully understood. Various studies have suggested either an East Indian or Southeast Asian origin of O2a1‐M95. We addressed the issue of antiquity and dispersal of O2a1‐M95 by sampling 8748 men from India, Laos, and China and compared them to 3307 samples from other intervening regions taken from the literature. Analyses of haplogroup frequency… CONTINUE READING
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