A large Q fever outbreak in the West Midlands: clinical aspects.

  title={A large Q fever outbreak in the West Midlands: clinical aspects.},
  author={David L. Smith and Jon G. Ayres and I. G. Blair and Peter Burge and Matthew J. Carpenter and E. Owen Caul and B. Coupland and Ulrich Desselberger and Meirion Rhys Evans and I. D. Farrell},
  journal={Respiratory medicine},
  volume={87 7},
In the spring of 1989 the largest outbreak of acute Q fever recorded in the United Kingdom occurred in Solihull and surrounding areas of the West Midlands. The diagnosis was confirmed in 147 people, mainly males of working age. Windborne spread from farmland to the south of the urban area was the most likely route of infection. Fever was the commonest symptom, seen in 101/102 (99%) cases, followed by weight loss reported by 83/101 (82%). Headache, often severe, was experienced by 69/101 (68… CONTINUE READING

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