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A key and diagnostic compendium to the species of the genus pratylenchus filipjev, 1936 (lesion nematodes).

  title={A key and diagnostic compendium to the species of the genus pratylenchus filipjev, 1936 (lesion nematodes).},
  author={Zafar A. Handoo and A. Morgan Golden},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={21 2},
An identification key to 63 species of Pratylenchus is given. A compendium of the most diagnostic characters to be used directly in identification of species is included as a practical alternative and supplement to the key. P. tenuis, P. similis, P. impar, P. ranjani, and P. neocapitatus are recognized as valid species on the basis of study of type specimens. P. hyderabadensis Singh &Gill, 1986 is synonymized with P. dasi Fortuner, 1985. P. hexincisus Taylor &Jenkins, 1957 is confirmed as… 
A checklist of the family Pratylenchidae Thorne, 1949 from Iran.
The list of Pratylenchidae species known from Iran is presented and the updated species list provides information on their morphometrics, referring to full or partial descriptions, associated plants, geographical distribution and references.
Description of Pratylenchus hispaniensis n. sp. from Spain and considerations on the phylogenetic relationship among selected genera in the family Pratylenchidae
A new amphimictic species, Pratylenchus hispaniensis n. sp., parasitising the roots of gum cistus in Andujar (Jaen), southern Spain, is described. The new species is characterised by the presence of
Pratylenchus from Sudan, with the description of two new species (Nemata: Tylenchida).
Two new species of Pratylenchus, from soil samples collected by the first author from the rhizosphere of fruit trees, field crops and weeds in Sudan, were described and illustrated and have a similar head shape and en face.
Species of Pratylenchus (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae) in Canada: description, distribution, and identification
Based on preserved mounted specimens in the Canadian National Collection of Nematodes, species of Pratylenchus from Canada are described and illustrated. Distribution data and a key to the species
A reference of identification keys to plant-parasitic nematodes (Nematoda: Tylenchida\ Tylenchomorpha)
The present review has documented a list of keys for identifying plant-parasitic nematodes at different taxonomic levels including superfamily, family, subfamily, genus, and species. It was compiled
Identification of Root-lesion Nematode (Pratylenchidae: Pratylenchus ) Intercepted on Imported Plants
Five root-lesion nematode species from intercepted in quarantine inspection over the past five years are identified and diagnostic characters are described, including number of lip annuli, stylet length, shape of the labial region, presence or absence of males, structure of lateral fields and shape of spermatheca.
Detection and Discrimination of Pratylenchus neglectus and P. thornei in DNA Extracts from Soil.
This PCR-based method is rapid, efficient, and reliable, does not require expertise in nematode taxonomy and morphology, and could be used as a rapid diagnostic tool for commercial and research applications for disease forecasting and management.
Phylogenetic analysis of nematodes of the genus Pratylenchus using nuclear 26S rDNA.
It is clear that species of Pratylenchus are a paraphyletic assemblage, and the outgroup taxon H. belli shares a common ancestor with the clade that includes P. vulnus and P. crenatus while N. aberrans and R. similis share acommon ancestor with 5 other species included in this study.
Discrimination of six pratylenchus species using PCR and species-specific primers.
A PCR-based assay for identification of six species of Pratylenchus common in California is described, able to identify single females to species level and can be used as a rapid diagnostic tool in epidemiological and management studies.