A joint model of the contractile system of striated muscle (preliminary calculations).

  • Z Wünsch
  • Published 1986 in Physiologia Bohemoslovaca


Values of the variables of a model of the muscle contractile apparatus were calculated on the basis of a previously described theoretical system JMCSM (i.e. the Joint Model of the Contractile System of Muscle) and after introducing some necessary simplifying presuppositions. The calculations made it possible to compare the model with the original biological system and provided data needed for the subsequent stage of simulation experiments. The properties of the model are apparently not inconsistent with the properties of the original biological system. The basic equation of the theoretical model could be expressed in the form analogous to Hill's equation; the procedure by which the equations were derived and the interpretation of their parameters are mutually independent. The model also suggests a different interpretation of the dependence of the heat of shortening on other quantities of the system. It is necessary to consider these calculations and their results as preliminary with regard to the simplifying presuppositions and to the possible inaccuracies of the estimations of input data.

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