A hypermedia maintenance information system

  title={A hypermedia maintenance information system},
  author={Richard M. Crowder and Wendy Hall and Ian Heath and Rory Bernard and David R. Gaskell},
  journal={Computing \& Control Engineering Journal},
The article discusses the use of Microcosm, an open hypermedia system developed by the University of Southampton's Multimedia Research Group for Pirelli Cables building wire factory at Aberdare, South Wales. An open hypermedia system allows a single multimedia resource base to be used for a range of applications, and permits the users to have access to the stored information in a structured manner. The use of this technology is now widely accepted in education, yet it has not been fully… 

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Gaskell is Manager, Industrial Engineering, Pirelli Cables, Eastleigh, Hants
  • 1996
University of Southampton, who can be contacted on mcm@ecs.soton.ac.uk. 8 IEE: 1996 Dr. Crowder and Mr. Bernard are with the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Prof. Hall and Dr
  • 9 Further information on Microcosm is available from the Multimedia Research Group
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Gaskell is Manager
  • Industrial Engineering, Pirelli Cables
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