A hydatid cyst of the thyroid gland.

  title={A hydatid cyst of the thyroid gland.},
  author={Ilyas Çapoğlu and Necdet Un{\"u}var and Fazli Erdoğan and Osman Yilmaz and Muzaffer Çaydere},
  journal={The Journal of international medical research},
  volume={30 2},
Echinococcosis, although eradicated in many countries, is still widespread in communities in which agriculture is dominant, and cystic hydatidosis is a significant public health problem in regions where echinococcosis is endemic. Hydatid cysts may be found in almost any part of the body, but most often in the liver and lungs. Other organs affected occasionally include the brain, muscle, kidney, bone, heart and pancreas. This report documents a rare case with a cystic nodule in the thyroid… CONTINUE READING

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