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A hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm for joint stratification and sample allocation

  title={A hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm for joint stratification and sample allocation},
  author={Mervyn O'Luing and Steven David Prestwich and Armagan Tarim},
In this study we propose a hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm (HEDA) to solve the joint stratification and sample allocation problem. This is a complex problem in which each the quality of each stratification from the set of all possible stratifications is measured its optimal sample allocation. EDAs are stochastic black-box optimization algorithms which can be used to estimate, build and sample probability models in the search for an optimal stratification. In this paper we enhance… 



A Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Joint Stratification and Sample Allocation Designs.

This work proposes a new GA approach to this problem using grouping genetic operators instead of traditional operators, and shows a significant improvement in solution quality for similar computational effort, corresponding to large monetary savings.

Joint determination of optimal stratification and sample allocation using genetic algorithm

This paper offers a solution to the problem of finding the optimal stratification of the available population frame, so as to ensure the minimization of the cost of the sample required to satisfy

Combining K-means type algorithms with Hill Climbing for Joint Stratification and Sample Allocation Designs

This paper combines the k-means and/or k-Means type algorithms with a hill climbing algorithm in stages to solve the joint stratification and sample allocation problem and compares the above multi-stage combination of algorithms with three recent algorithms.

A Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Minimal Switching Graph Problem

  • Maolin TangRaymond Y. K. Lau
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation and International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies and Internet Commerce (CIMCA-IAWTIC'06)
  • 2005
This paper presents a new approach to the MSG problem using hybrid estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs), which uses a univariate marginal distribution algorithm (UMDA) to sample start search points and employs a hill-climbing algorithm to find a local optimum in the basins where the startsearch points are located.

Linear and Combinatorial Optimizations by Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

This paper provides a review of difierent EDA approaches and shows how to apply UMDA with Laplace correction to Subset Sum, OneMax function and n-Queen problems of linear and combinatorial optimizations.

Model accuracy in the Bayesian optimization algorithm

This paper investigates the relationship between the probabilistic models learned by the Bayesian optimization algorithm (BOA) and the underlying problem structure, and shows how the selection operator can lead to model overfitting in Bayesian EDAs.

On Sample Allocation in Multivariate Surveys

The problem of a sample allocation between strata in the case of multiparameter surveys is considered in this article. There are several multivariate sample allocation methods and, moreover, several

Level-Based Analysis of the Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm

It is shown that the recently developed level-based theorem for non-elitist populations combined with anti-concentration results yield upper bounds on the expected optimisation time of the Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm.