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A hybrid architecture for astronomical computing

  title={A hybrid architecture for astronomical computing},
  author={Changhua Li and Chenzhou Cui and Boliang He and Dongwei Fan and L. Mi and Shanshan Li and Sisi Yang and Yunfei Xu and Jun Han and Junyi Chen and Hailong Zhang and Ce Yu and J. Xiao and Chuanjun Wang and Z. Cao and Yufeng Fan and Liang Liu and Xiao Chen and W. Song and K. Du},
With many large science equipment constructing and putting into use, astronomy has stepped into the big data era. The new method and infrastructure of big data processing has become a new requirement of many astronomers. Cloud computing, Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Spark, etc. many new technology has sprung up in recent years. Comparing to the high performance computing(HPC), Data is the center of these new technology. So, a new computing architecture infrastructure is necessary, which can be shared by… Expand