A hybrid approach of GA and ACO for TSP

  title={A hybrid approach of GA and ACO for TSP},
  author={Daoxiong Gong and Xiaogang Ruan},
  journal={Fifth World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (IEEE Cat. No.04EX788)},
  pages={2068-2072 Vol.3}
This paper proposed a hybrid approach of genetic algorithm (GA) and ant colony optimization (ACO) for the traveling salesman problem. In this approach, every chromosome of GA is at the same time an ant of ACO. Whenever GA performs the operation of crossover and mutation, the approach firstly computes the linkage strength between gene codes of parental chromosome(s) according to the pheromone matrix of ACO, and it then selects the crossover or mutation point(s) according to the linkage strength… CONTINUE READING
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